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For the last several weeks you’ve been cooped up on a ship with soldiers, mercenaries, thugs, and all other sorts. This ship has just pulled into a cove a dropped anchor, but before you are able to depart, the captain gathers everyone on deck…


I know you’ve been cramped on this ship for a while and are itching to move, so I’ll keep this short. I have been granted dominion over this island by the Queen, and given you sorry lot to prepare it. We circled the island for the past week and this is the best spot we’ve found to establish a beach head. My men will be setting up a fort here.

The rest of you can do as you like. There is plenty to do in building a fort and setting up a town, talk to one of my lieutenants and they’ll put you to work. For any of you adventurous enough, I need several parties to scout the wilderness, map it, and report back. I don’t care what your past is, consider this a clean start. For anyone that proves themselves, I may reward you with lands of your own to tame.

Now get to work!

Home Page

Unnamed kurakin